PLR Video Black Friday 2015 Coupon Code

I swear the older you get the faster times flies. Just yesterday it was April and the grass was turning green and I was getting ready to plant my peppers and tomatoes.

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Well here in the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

A time when we are (or should be) thankful for all our blessings.

Here is a quick & factual (kinda) video of the History Of Thanksgiving. plr video transcripts equal money

PLR Video Transcripts Can Be A Goldmine

Probably one of the LEAST used features of the PLR Videos are the audio transcripts.

Most of the customers I speak to about the use of the transcripts has to do with re-recording the audio into their own voice. While that is the main purpose of the audio transcripts, it is far from the only purpose.

In a previous post, I talked about the two different types of PLR videos – ‘Sets’ & ‘Series’

There are also two different Styles of PLR videos – Over-The-Shoulder style & the PowerPoint Slide style.

I’ll talk more about them in a minute.

With the ‘series’ type of PLR videos, the transcripts of the Continue reading

Different PLR Video Types

There are at least two different PLR Video Types.

One is a ‘set’ of videos that are independent of each other within that set but they are all on the same specific topic.

Another type are those video ‘series’ that lead into each other like those procedural television shows that if you missed the first episode you are forever lost.

Other than my own opinion, I’ve never heard anyone talk about a preference in learning from, or the marketing of, either type of these PLR Videos.

I see the merit in both and that is why I create both.

I prefer making the ‘series’ type that have several videos on the same specific topic but go into detail on the different sub-topics. A good example of this type are the YourPLRMakeOver series or the AmazonS3 series.

Each video in the series begins where the previous left off & by the end of the last video in the series, the viewer has every possible question answered related to that specific topic.

I am a bit of a detail person so being able to take a topic like how to use Amazon S3 and break the teaching up over 20+ videos (for example) allows me to teach those details and how they relate to the next sub-topic in the series – which leads me into the next video.

Now when it comes to the individual sets’ of videos like Continue reading