WSO-How To Customize Your Default 2011 WordPress Theme

Here is a quick post to announce my latest Warrior Special Offer.

This is Volume 2 of the Hack Your Theme series.

There are 19 customizations for the free 2011 default WordPress theme. They are shown in step-by-step detail through the videos and there are the actual codes in text form so they can easily be copied & pasted exactly as they are shown in the videos.

Here is a video showing everything offered in the WSO – It is a tad over 4 minutes

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Here is the link to visit the WSO for Volume 2:

Here is the link to visit the WSO for Volume 1:

– Steve D.


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Steve Dougherty is a creator of private label training videos for the technical side of the internet marketing niche.

In 2006 Steve began his new calling with online marketing. In 2008 he started PLR Video Direct and has created 100's of white label and private label training videos since.

Steve's training videos leave no stone un-turned. This is why most of his courses range from 15 to 30 videos each. His easy listening yet energetic style of teaching is geek-speak free so whether you are a 'newbie' or a 'veteran', you will know what is going on.

Each one of his courses provide a sample video along with a detailed description of each video in that course so you know what you are getting right up front.

You can reach Steve at steve @ and you will receive his personal reply within a few hours - NOT days.

2 thoughts on “WSO-How To Customize Your Default 2011 WordPress Theme

  1. Jym

    I just bought version 1 today through the warrior forum.
    I would have preferred to be directed to this new release.
    Looks version 1 a good deal anyway.

    1. Steve Post author

      Hi Jym,

      Thank you for your purchase :-)

      These are 2 separate offers, each one has different customizations than the other. When you purchase both, you will have a total of 35 different mods or customizations.
      Even when purchased individually, these are some pretty cool customizations for your free default 2011 theme.

      Thank you again for your business Jym and hopefully you will see the value in Volume 2 and pick it up as well.

      – Steve D.


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