How To Add A Logo To Your Videos Using FREE Software

How To Add A Logo To Your Videos Using FREE Software

Here is a video I made showing you how to add a logo, watermark, bug or
whatever you want to call it, to your videos using FREE software.

This software is fantastic and I cannot believe it is free. In the
video I show you where to download it from and what is involved in the
install or actually that there is no install.

The Software is called VirtualDub and it has so many goodie that it
deserves an entire video series. But for the time being, this video
will get you started :-)

I hope you liked the video and learned from it. Let me know if you use
VirtualDub and what you use it for. Please leave a comment and tell us
what you think.

Thanks for coming by and watching the video. Before you leave, poke
around the site – you might find something else you like.

Steve D.


Steve Dougherty | My Facebook Profile | My YouTube Channel

Steve Dougherty is a creator of private label training videos for the technical side of the internet marketing niche.

He earned his Real Estate Sales then Brokers licensee for Missouri in the early 90's. Then he opened, owned & operated 3 Real Estate offices in the St.Louis area until 2000. In 2006 Steve began his new calling with online marketing. In 2008 he started PLR Video Direct and has created 100's of white label and private label training videos since.

Steve lives just outside Kansas City Missouri on 5 acres and when he is not creating videos he is outside gardening & enjoying the wildlife that county living provides.

You can reach Steve at steve @ and if you do not hear back from him within 24 hours then he did not receive it & you should send it again.

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7 thoughts on “How To Add A Logo To Your Videos Using FREE Software

  1. Jon

    Great video Steve,

    I liked how well you presented it and made it easy to understand.
    I can’t wait to give it a try.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Pnapika

    Aloha Steve
    Thanks for the video.Just the learning curve I needed, Last weekend tackeled PowerPoint.. happen to have Camtasia but have not learn it well as I should, will try to see if I can do what you just showed.
    I found you searching for private label rights
    so that I can start my opt inList.
    Youwere the first to come up so I am asking you FIRST
    Can you share your knowledge with my new and upcoming List
    Putting together all the tips that I have learn and ready to Rock
    I want to have good solid no frills/hype infomation on my upcoming site.(s) all relating to marketing videos,list building the works of how to get started in Internet Marketing.
    Thank You

    1. Steve Post author

      Hello Pnapika,

      I’m all about sharing my knowledge – I’d be happy to help if I can.

      Touching on what you said about having Camtasia…I’ll do a video tutorial and post it here on the site in the next couple of days on how to use Camtasia to add your logo, bug watermark or whatever you want to call it.

      Thanks for the comment and be sure and check back later (better yet – subscribe to the feed) to watch the Camtasia video

      Steve Dougherty


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